Monday, March 23, 2015


Today's Pots & Pans reflection will be delayed until tomorrow (sorry about that). I got a spark for a reflection kind of late in the game, and I thought I could write it up this morning, but the subject is proving just a little more involved than I thought. I'll be able to have it ready for tomorrow.

Also, I do not plan on posting a Pots & Pans reflection either next Monday (after Palm Sunday) or Easter Monday. In the chaos of family events, I don't want to have to worry about it. Naturally, if God decides he has something for me to post, I won't argue with him. I just won't be stressing about it if nothing presents itself!

"Pots & Pans"? What's she talking about?
I call my regular Monday reflections about things that God presents to me during the week my "Pots & Pans" Reflections.

I haven't done a real one in a few weeks because I have been posting my Lent series.

The name comes from something my Dad said to me when I was... pretty young. I wasn't in high school yet, that's for sure. He said that you have to be able to look for the Lord "in the pots and pans of everyday life," or else you'll never make time for him - that's really what I try to talk about in those reflections is finding the beauty of God in everyday experiences.

(Just in case you ever wondered, right?)

Post will be up tomorrow at the usual time!

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