Friday, March 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes - My Life, Recently

I’ve been seeing this 7 Quick Takes thing around the Catholic blogosphere, and I thought it might be fun to join in, so here goes.

--- 1 ---

Epic (The Church History Study from Ascension Press) is EPIC!  My local parish is about five weeks into it, and I am loving it!

It is really nice to be taking a look at the story of our Catholic family, as told by us, instead of the world. For example, Did you know that England's Virgin Queen (Good Queen Bess) was responsible for as bloody a persecution against Catholics as "Bloody Mary" was against Protestants? One of those things that's kind of glossed over in history classes nowadays...

Seriously, a good course in Church History ought to be required for everybody getting Confirmed!

--- 2 ---

My Little one finally has enough hair to put in a ponytail. Isn’t she cute!

I spent about half an hour chasing her around the living room while holding her hair and trying to put that pony tail in her hair before I succeeded.

--- 3 ---

I’m really thinking about buying a Roomba.

I usually try to sweep once a week, but it isn’t enough. By Thursday, I find that I really NEED to sweep again, but I don’t have time to do it again until like Monday.

 I would really love it if there were a place to rent one to see if I like it before we sink $400+ into a new gadget.

 Does anyone have a Roomba on which they have an opinion?

--- 4 ---

I’ve been binge-watching Psych on Netflix.

For cop shows, it has alarmingly little violence… alarmingly little adult language… and on the whole has a pretty respectful attitude toward religion, and (on the few occasions that it came up over the course of the show) a very respectful attitude toward Catholicism. (I know. That’s a huge shocker for a show that’s as new as it is, huh?)

 I think I’m actually pretty cool with letting my kids watch it. More okay than I would be with, say How I Met Your Mother.

--- 5 ---

Be careful who you stare down your nose at at Mass.

This past week during one of my bible studies' large-group discussions, some of the women started having a go at families that only have one kid because they appear to be “obviously contracepting”.

 Not every family that only has one has only one because they only want one. (Yeah, try saying that three times fast.)

“Secondary Infertility?” It’s a real thing. (Unfortunately for us, we had trouble the first time around, too.)

 When I brought this up, the ladies defended themselves, saying that I was the exception, not the rule.

But that was exactly my point - you don’t whether you’re staring down your nose at the exception or the rule. And being that exception is painful enough without someone acting like you’re doing something wrong.

 We’ve been trying for ten months now (ever since I got my cycle back) without luck - we've had one thing after another get in the way. If I had my way, I would have been pregnant months ago.

It’s really hard to be patient with things like this, especially when God's time table is not what I want it to be.

--- 6 ---

PSA: Green snot means two things: (1) “it’s not allergies” and (2) "stay home."

We’ve gotten more than our fair share of colds this year because somebody brought their kid with green snot to the playgroup, emphatically promising that it was allergies, and when we got home, sure enough… it wasn’t allergies.

--- 7 ---

I started planning for Mother’s Day this week. (Yes, really. Already.)

Daniel and I host a big Mother’s Day lunch for our moms, sibs, and some of our extended family.

 We’ve done this for the last few years, and it has - on occasion - been as large as like 25 people.

We provide the main dish (and sometimes a dessert), everybody bring a side. We’re (so far) going to smoke two pork loins, and possibly a good crawfish etouffee.

It's been a whole world of fun every time we've done it, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from 7 Quick Takes. Yes, green snot is the one time when green means stop, not go!

    I do my daughter's hair while she is in the booster seat for breakfast, because really, the ponytail is so cute, but I can't stand the chasing!

    Sorry about the secondary infertility. It infuriates me when people make comments like that because really, they just don't know. A close friend suffers from infertility and it is so frustrating when people say things like that.

    1. Thanks,
      As things go, our fertility problems have been "relatively minor" - we did get pregnant with our first without any intervention - it just took SO long. I know that there are couples whose journeys have been much longer and more difficult than mine, but it is emotionally trying all the same.

      "Pitter-patter" takes a special joy in taking off running as soon as I have a wad of her hair just barely in my hand and I'm starting to run a comb through it. :-)

      I never would have thought to fix her hair when she was strapped into her high chair! Thanks! I'm going to have to try that!