Friday, March 20, 2015

{7QT 2} - Mixed Bag of News and Hilarity

--- 1 ---

Earlier this week, a still, small voice told me to Pray the Rosary for Peace in the Middle East.

I'd like you to join me, just whenever you have a chance, as often as you can.

More about my experience in this post.

--- 2 ---

A very happy birthday to my Dad this weekend! Please include him in your prayers. He's fine - just... you know, "birthday blessings" and whatnot!

Here's a picture of him with Pitter Patter and my Grandma from LAST Thanksgiving. (He's kind of the family photographer, so it's hard to find good pictures of him!!)

--- 3 ---

I just finished posting my 4-part series on The Best Thing I Ever Did for Lent, and I wanted to share.  It's about the year that I decided that I had an attitude problem about the Blessed Mother and needed to do something about it.

Here are links!

Part 1 - The Problem
Part 2 - The Strategy
Part 3 - The Fruits
Part 4 - The Best Part

--- 4 ---

Went to see my Grandma (dad's mom) yesterday (in the picture for #2). She has pretty advanced Alzheimer's. She rarely makes complete sentences, let alone conversations that make sense.

Mom mentioned to me on Wednesday that because Grandma has been on a steroid pack for something, she's been really alert (like actually being awake and making complete sentences most of the day).

I usually try, when I'm talking to her, to always talk as though I expect her to answer. (Sometimes she does, and sometimes she doesn't.) We had a very nice visit and a pretty good conversation (though, it did double back a lot). She's always loved kids, and she really liked going outside and watching Pitter Patter run around in the yard.

I told her (a few times) that Pitter Patter was my little girl, and one time, a few minutes before I left, she looked at me like I was crazy - like I couldn't possibly have kids yet, and I didn't really know why. Right when I was putting Pitter Patter in the car I found out.

We were about to leave when she said to me, "Goodbye, Shannon!"

I almost cried. I didn't really expect her to know who I was. I had told her how Pitter Patter was related to her, but I wasn't so worried about myself.

I ran back to the porch and gave her a kiss before we left. It was just such a special blessing. I had to share.

--- 5 ---

Jennifer Fulwiler asked for stories of unfortunate events in mass (in 10 words or less). The responses on her post and on her facebook wall are some of the funniest I have ever heard. 

I didn't actually have to get on Facebook to see what was on her wall. I got the link from Calah Alexander's response post, in which she gives more details about her own horror story - which is also pretty hysterical.

--- 6 ---

My own "horror stories" pale in comparison. I've got two:

(1) 1/1/14 - Sleeping kid. Alone. Poo-splosion. No spare clothes. Naked kid. (There were quite a lot of stories like this one - at least it wasn't freezing outside that day!)

(2) Like... a month ago - Can't tell this one in ten words.
Pitter Patter decided to show off her knowledge of the ABC's but got distracted at O and started saying "octopus," a bunch. (We didn't know she knew that word!) Then she got inexplicably angry after communion and threw her bottle, which rolled several pews up. When I refused to go get it right away, she started shrieking "No Milk! No Milk! No Milk!" at the top of her lungs.
...A couple of weeks after that, she dropped a full bottle before communion (legit accident - but at least she was quiet about it), which also rolled... and naturally made a mess on the floor like 20 feet from where we were sitting. I went up for communion looking all over creation for it.
I guess that second one is pretty funny.

--- 7 ---

One of our favorite games to practice letters with Pitter Patter is "[Letter] is for..."

We show her a letter from her big alphabet mat and she says something that starts with that letter. So we end up with "A is for Apple", "B is for Baby", "D if for Duck", "P is for Pinecone" (she really likes that one for some reason).

This week when we were playing, she let us know that Q...

... is for Q-cumber.

 Who knew, right?

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