Bible Verses

Here is the collection of Bible verses that I've shared on Facebook. I hope you see something that will be helpful for you to reflect on. (It's still small, but it will be growing as time goes on!)

Please also have a look around the rest of my blog. I hope you see Christ reflected on every page! Thanks for visiting!

Oh, and a little note about copyright:
Unless otherwise noted,
  1. All of the backgrounds for these images are from Pixabay. Pixabay images are in the public domain.
  2. The verses are selected by me (I hope, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit) and are taken from either the New American Bible - Catholic Edition, or The Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition. 
  3. I am not releasing these into the Public Domain, lest they be used or abused for some unscrupulous purpose.
You can share these as they appear here, as long as:
  1. You don't change them,
  2. You don't claim them as your own work and,
  3. You're not selling them for money or trading them for anything else,
  4. You provide a link back to my blog.
These rules are easily followed by sharing my original posts on Facebook!
See? Easy!

For any other use, please e-mail me with questions.