Friday, March 27, 2015

{7QT 3} - Baby stories, Everywhere!

Had an alarming number of "cute kid" things happen thing this week. Enjoy.

--- 1 ---

God has put it on my heart lately that I need to take better care of my own health, so I've re-opened my old account and have been trying to keep something like a food diary, to help me with something in the shape of public accountability. I may post a chart of measurable things to track my progress every week. We shall see.

--- 2 ---

The last time I made a concerted effort to get fit again, it was in those last few weeks before I got pregnant with Pitter Patter, and I discovered that - even though I wasn't very good at it - I really enjoyed running. It made me feel good. (You know, between the time I start and the time I can't breathe anymore.)

I stopped running because I have a tendon / ligament problem in one ankle that sometimes causes me to fall. During pregnancy, the most I did was a vigorous walk because if the pregnant lady falls, EVERYBODY panics.

Since I started staying home, I started buying the $6 cheapy-cheap shoes from Walmart.  These shoes, having been tested on a 5 hour trip to the zoo, have been found to be acceptable for doing stuff around the house, but not for running. Not enough support.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a brand of inexpensive, suitable-for-running, preferably mostly white (but that's totally negotiable) tennis shoe that you like?

--- 3 ---

Please pray for my husband's cousin and his wife. They had their second little boy yesterday at "crazy o'clock" in the morning. When last I heard, Mom & baby are doing well.

--- 4 ---

I took Pitter Patter to Walmart with me yesterday. I had a short list, so I thought I might let her try holding my hand and walking around the store with me, instead of riding in the basket.

Pitter Patter is under the age of two, so those of you who are parents already know that this was a mistake!

After she tried twice in HBA to run away from me, and about six times while I was looking for tube socks for her daddy, I gave up and made the walk of shame back to the entrance and got a cart.

Lesigh. She'll get there eventually, right?

--- 5 ---

I started wearing a chapel veil about... seven or eight months ago, now, and up to now, I've been wearing a particular type called a snood (I made mine with lace weight yarn - it looks like one of those old-timey hair nets). Rather a lot of thought went into that particular decision, but I digress.

I've been contemplating the purchase of a "real" chapel veil for some weeks now, during Lent, and finally on Friday, I had a chance to go and buy one.

I had previously gone to my local catholic bookstore to see what they kept in stock. To make a long story short, it wasn't what I wanted, so I decided that I was going to make one!

Last Friday, I moseyed off to my neighborhood fabric store, and after perusing the shelves and failing to find what I was looking for, I found something that was just right in the remnant bin.

So, yeah. Now I have a snazzy new chapel veil on the cheap. Just have to clean up the ends by adding a bit of bias tape to the edge and voila! It will be beautimus!

--- 6 ---

Do you have kids? Do you remember the first time they said "I love you"?

Yeah, we heard it for the first time this week. It was so precious.

--- 7 ---

And our best cute kid story of the week:

Pitter Patter is definitely Daniel's child.

At the age of four, when Daniel's dad took him to see ET, he got so excited when it was revealed that ET was not dead that Daniel peed is dad's pants.

Last Sunday at Mass, Pitter Patter peed Daniel's pants during the consecration. Yep. I think that's pretty exciting, too.

--- Bonus ---

Here's one that was too short to have a number all to itself:
Bet you can't eat just one!

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