Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Computer Woes: Don't know when I can post for this weekend.

Due to a coffee-related disaster, I lost the use of eight keys on my laptop's keyboard, and I don't know exactly when I'm going to have the post ready for this Sunday.

At least all of my data is safe, though. I spent the last five hours backing up stuff off of my laptop and looking for a comparable replacement on Best Buy.

I do have all the materials for my blog, but I've been writing pretty much exclusively in Scrivener, and that isn't a standard program. It was only installed on my laptop.

I will be able to retrieve all of my work, but it will take time to get the new laptop, and then to get the new laptop set up for such things.

We've got a target at a local Best Buy that's within our price range, but I may end up calling this weekend's post all together.

I got my data, though. That's the big thing I was worried about.

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