Thursday, October 1, 2015

Between the Old and New Covenants

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday, the second reading will be from Hebrews 2:9-11. I would suggest beginning at verse 5 - that's where the link goes. Be sure to read the other readings for context - this reflection will not make sense without them!

On description, Daniel indicated that he thought this was a “how it happened to speak to me” type of reflection. Read with that in mind!

St Paul reflected on the ways in which the Church is the Bride of Christ. It’s not difficult to extend the metaphor into Israel in the Old Testament. The old covenant may be likened to the “betrothal” or “engagement” phase of a marriage, a period in which a legal status was conveyed in Jewish customs. It was a period of preparation for the “real thing” so to speak.

Lots of things in the new covenant fulfill things in the old - sometimes in ways not expected by the Jews.

If the old covenant was the betrothal, and the new is the marriage, then it stands to reason that the incarnation stands in the space between. By Christ’s incarnation and death on the cross, God paid the dowry for his people, and claimed his bride in love.

By our baptism, we are made members of the Church, and so we belong to that covenant relationship.

For those of you who are married: Do you think about your wedding vows often? Do you remember the three questions they asked you to make sure you were eligible to marry?

Do you enter into this:
Freely, with the intention of being Faithful (forsaking all others), Fruitful (open to offspring), and Forever (until death do you part)?

Since you are a member of the church, and the church is his bride, you can easily ask of yourself the same questions about your relationship with Christ.
Freely? -  Anything holding you back or coercing your free will?
Faithful? - Do you subscribe to superstitions or put stock in other powers?
Fruitful? - We know a tree by its fruit - what fruit do you produce?
Forever? - Well? Are you in for the long haul? How do you show that?

Let’s Pray:

Loving God,
Thank you for claiming me as your own, to be a part of your own special people. Help me to be more fully aware of the covenant in which I partake, and give me the grace to live as a faithful, fruitful member of your church.


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