Friday, October 16, 2015

{7 QT 22} - Life, Lately (Now with 50% more good news!)

Just a few more update in how things are going, lately.

I had more thyroid blood work and a thyroid ultrasound last week. I got the results of everything back yesterday.

The ultrasound looked okay, according to the radiologist - no masses or anything.

The blood work was a mixed bag. My TSH over the last five months has dropped from 5 to 0.6, which is "phenomenal" for me.

At my request they also drew my thyroid antibodies again (the last time they drew them was in May). There are two different kinds of antibodies that they test for, one of them was less than one, which is "within range" - normal being less than four. The other was still high. Normal is less than 9, and mine was just over 200.

Now, I don't know exactly what my antibody values were in May... just that they were "positive", so I don't know if they actually have dropped significantly or if they are holding steady.

I expect to know more next week after I see my doctor again.

After I had the tests done, but before I had the results I had a birthday. I celebrated by ignoring my diet on Saturday, so that I could enjoy my favorite meal (breakfast) at my favorite restaurant, and have my favorite kind of ice cream.

Louie's diner continues to make delicious chicken fried steak w/ gravy, and awesome hash browns.

I'm pretty sure that the big meal and the ice cream alone probably caused me to gain a little weight, but I'm pretty sure that part of the 4-5lbs I gained was from inflammation. Yep... I was down two pounds as of today.

That probably means that this year needs to be my last "birthday" trip to Louie's.

For my birthday, I was very excited to get a shiny, new immersion blender from my mom (that I can't wait to try!), and a subscription to Simply Gluten Free Magazine from Daniel. I looked at the sample copy they had on line, and it looks pretty sweet.

I'm glad I ended up waiting until late in the day to write my quick takes this week, because throughout the day today, good news has poured in from every side.

I took a class last month to maintain one of my designations for work, and I got my results back today. I passed! (Not that it was in doubt, but it's really awesome to have it be all official that I have my designation, now!)

I finally decided that it's about time that I start e-mailing the companies that make things I like that aren't labeled "Gluten Free" and "Dairy Free" to see what I can actually have. I started a spreadsheet, just in case I start losing track of them.

So far, I have e-mailed Tabasco and Manda Fine Meats and discovered that Tabasco is okay, and Manda's sausages are all okay, at least as far as gluten and diary are concerned. (Whether they are "good" for you is another matter entirely.) I heart sausage... and I'm very happy to discover that there is a brand that seems to be "safe", so to speak.

I discovered another symptom that may be a consequence of my Hashimoto's (largely because it seems to have disappeared this week). Brain fog is a common symptom of Hashimoto's disease, and I had long thought that my long-standing brain fog was mostly a consequence of "mommy brain" that had lingered on so long that I got pregnant again before it had a chance to make itself scarce.

Even with the bout of insomnia that I had on Monday this week, this is the most clear-headed I've felt since before I had Pitter Patter. And that's a good thing.

And finally:
I'm not really liking the fact that so many of my quick takes lately have been about my Hashimoto's Disease. True it is something important in my life, but it isn't what I wanted this blog to be about, and it's kind of been taking over the airwaves, so to speak. So, going forward, I'm going to try to avoid posting about it unless the post is mostly about something else with Hashimoto's being an influencing factor.

If you're at all interested in continuing to follow my posts about Hashimoto's Disease (although, I'm not sure why you would be - I've been awfully whiny about it), I'm going to try to start cataloging that journey on a different blog. I'd been tempted to just use my old blog that I haven't touched in like... four years, but somehow that just doesn't feel like a good idea. Want to start from a clear slate and all. As soon as I have a decision made and a new blog set up, I'll post a link and start including it on my blogroll so it can be found.

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