Monday, January 5, 2015

Why I am Organizing my Husband's Church for the Louisiana Life March

Daniel is a member of a small Presbyterian church. They have sixty people in the building on a good Sunday.

A few weeks ago, I approached one of the elders in the church about attending the Louisiana Life March South, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. There were a few reasons why.

(1) Abortion is one of the great evils of society.
What? It is. Our society is willing to condone this particular type murder for any reason - in the name of convenience, freedom, or just for spite.
The culture pretends that it’s about personal liberty and empowerment and happiness, but this is a lie. Happy and empowered people just don’t get abortions. They just don’t. You know who does? Scared people. Desperate people. People who don’t see any other way. Those are the people we need to reach out to the most.
And so, in summary, I am willing to recruit anyone who is willing and peaceful to come and march and pray with me that it might come to an end. Which brings me to my second reason:
(2) Abortion is not a “Catholic” issue.
Abortion is widely perceived as an issue of the Catholic Church. This perception is often used against us whenever we discuss pro-life issues. (i.e. - “Don’t hold others to your arbitrary standard of morality.”) Several members of Daniel’s church have lamented to me about that fact. I believe that if more non-Catholics attend these events, this perception will be more easy to disprove.
We shouldn’t treat abortion as a Catholic issue. We should treat it as a issue for all people of good will. We should invite everyone we can find to come and march and pray with us.
(3) It is an opportunity for Christians to evangelize to the culture together.
One commonly cited reason that I hear for people leaving the church is hypocrisy among the members. We talk about love, and yet “good” Christians of different denominations are at one another’s throats - in public.
When I was a kid, we were always enjoined to be on our best behavior on field trips, "because we were representing our school." I think this is a good rule for us Christians when we interact with on another in front of the watching world. We can have our interdenominational disagreements, but not when we’re trying to do outreach to those who don’t know Jesus yet, or who have turned away from him. It’s not the time or place; we can talk about interdenominational concerns another time.
(4) There was a need.
As I mentioned, the church is very small, and they had so many who are of one mind as to the moral character of the issue and of attending the march. If I had seen a need to organize participation from my local Catholic parish, I would have volunteered there, but there simply isn’t such a need.
If your husband (or wife) is not Catholic… by all means, invite their whole church to join you at your local pro-life events. You won’t do them or yourself any harm by inviting them to come and stand against evil and for good.

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