Thursday, January 22, 2015

Please Pray

I'm apparently a little behind, since several bloggers have already posted their columns on this.

The LA courts are trying to compel a priest in our diocese to give information about what was divulged to him under the Seal of Confession. The young woman in question was abused by a parishioner (who has since died), not a priest, when she was twelve years old. She has said that the priest told her to hush it up. Given everything else I know about the priest in question, this literally makes no sense.

The Diocese of Baton Rouge appealed up to the SCOTUS, which declined to hear the case.

Please include in your prayers. Here are some links for further reading on what's going on, and why it's important.

Catholic Culture - US Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of Louisiana case challenging confessional seal

Satan Ups His Game: Supreme Court Declines to Protect Secrecy of Sacramental Confessions, by Jennifer Fitz

Supreme Court Will Not Hear Confession Confidentiality Petition, by Simcha Fisher

I will be posting my regular reflection later this morning.

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