Monday, January 26, 2015

No Reflection Today

Sorry, everyone!

I had hoped to post about the LA Life March today, but because I started feeling bad when I got home and spent the rest of the weekend too sick to write, I am going to hold off on posting a reflection today.

I would rather do that than write a mediocre (or possibly lousy) reflection in the name of following my editorial calendar. I will consider doing a catch-up post in the coming week or so.

Pitter Patter is also sick right now. She got sick Friday and threw up on my face at 2AM Saturday. Daniel has been laughing at me for emphasizing where she threw up any time I tell the story about what happened.  He and I were both frazzled, because of the whole 2AM part (me more so because of the whole on my face part), but she thought it was great! She got to take a bath right then; bath time is currently one of her top favorite things.

She still has a runny nose, but she's been in generally very good spirits. It's taken me about half an hour so far to write this post because she has brought me several books to read in between sentences!

Please say a prayer that our recovery proceeds quickly. I'd really like to get back to full speed on these blog posts!

Again, my apologies for the lack of a reflection today. :-(

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