Friday, August 21, 2015

{7 QT 18} - Glove Boxes, Duggars, House, and Kids

So, we bought a new-to-us used car last week, and it wasn't until we were leaving for our road trip on Friday that we discovered that one thing that we missed when we were looking at the car.

The handle on the glove box is completely unusable. We can't open it, but we're hoping that our car guy can rig something up.

As undiscovered problems with cars go... it's not so bad. It jut means we don't have a good place to put all of the napkins we get from fast food places!

For about the last two weeks since the car accident, I've been kind of distracted from paying attention to the cultural stuff of right now, and so I'm pretty sure I've missed at least one of the Planned Parenthood videos.

Imagine my surprise that when I come back to the rest of the world and everybody is in an uproar about Josh Duggar having an account on some affair-seeking website.

Talk about Schadenfreude. Did he do serious damage to his relationship with his wife and children (if they have any)? Yes. But it's their business. Why do people even care?

Two reasons did come to mind. Neither makes a particularly flattering statement about us, the American public.

The first is taken from the mouth of the Green Goblin in Spiderman. He said, "the one thing [people] love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying."  Not that Josh Duggar is exactly a hero - but the family had a pretty good reputation until now. (That other bad PR thing was him, too, right?) The part that's interesting for me is that villains sometimes have a surprising amount of insight into the human condition. Sinners - that's all of us - love to cry "hypocrisy" when they see someone who was widely believed to be virtuous get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

The second is even more cynical. We are trying to find something - anything - else to pay attention to aside from those Planned Parenthood videos, because they truly do horrify us. We don't want to have real, actual thoughts about the morality of the greatest evil of our time. If we have real thoughts about it, we might change our minds about the "my body, my decision" sacred cow.

Perhaps this cynicism has been influenced by my binge-watching House lately. As TV programs go, you don't get much more cynical than that!

Or perhaps not. I'm pretty sure that Pitter Patter has called for watching Winnie the Pooh (or The Tigger Movie, or The Piglet Movie, or the Roo Movie) at least once every day.

Also Sesame Street. She's been asking for that a lot, too.  Who else still remembers the song for Counting to 12?

I was kind of worried that it would be hard to get Pitter Patter excited about getting a new little brother or sister.

As it turns out - that's going to be a snap. She's been all about playing with the most realistic little baby doll she has, and she's been asking me to hold the baby for her, so I've been showing her how to hold babies and rock babies, and pat them on the back.

And we've been talking about all the stuff that babies need. That if babies have clean diapers, full tummies, and somebody to rock them,snuggle them, and help them go to sleep, that's all they want. They're happy after that. (I know it isn't exactly that simple, but she's 2. It's as complicated as it needs to be.)

Speaking of things that two-year-olds do... here's your cute kid picture of the week.

She put on her Daddy's shirt and was running around in it. (She was so proud of herself!)

I've felt flutters on the pregnancy before this week, but this week is the first one that it's really been consistent.

Pretty much every night when I sit still for 20 minutes or so, this little munchkin starts rocking and rolling. Hard to believe he / she is only as big as a turnip and weighs about 5 ounces!

Still too small for anyone else to be able to feel, but so. totally. awesome!

Oh, and my big news this week is that I'm on Facebook, now. Here's my link. It's Shiny! Enjoy!

Come on, it's totally shiny! I've started posting things, too - and not just links to my blog articles!

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