Friday, May 15, 2015

{7 QT 10} - NPR Dreams and Potty Fire Drills

As promised on Monday, I spent some time trying to take pictures of the decorations we put up for Mother's Day, and here are a few of the good pictures:

These are the same decorations that I put up for Pitter Patter's birthday last year. I thought they were just too pretty to only see use the one time!

I've apparently been a bit of a "mood" lately. I've been watching House on Netflix again. That's another show that I wouldn't dare watch when my kids are around - bad role model, combined with how scary some of those symptoms are - yeah, not a kid show.

I've evidently been having minor problems sleeping all week, because I've been having some seriously weird dreams.

The fact that my early-morning dreams are influenced by sleeping through my alarm (which plays NPR) doesn't help the weirdness factor.

The strangest one I've ever had involved going to Hawaii to rescue the US Government's secret fleet of nuclear powered flying tractors from the ongoing eruption of the Hawaiian volcano.

All I can say is that a woman can't be held responsible for crack pot ideas she comes up with in her sleep.

I'm continuing to make good progress through my pictures. I had already finished 2009, and now I have also finished 2010, and I am working through 2011.

I am also working on renaming and tagging pictures for 2015 as I take them. (And whenever I finish all of the 2015 pictures I've taken, I work a little on 2014.)

I'm making good progress from both ends and working toward the middle. And THEN we've got all the folders that aren't grouped by date. They're grouped by source instead. There are like five of those folders, and some of them are ginormous.

I've managed to successfully slack off on running all week since Mother's day. Okay, so I've been running a grand total of one time. Twice, on the off-chance I actually managed to get my rear in gear this morning and go running instead of staying in bed.

We also had two potty fire drills this week.

On Wednesday, Pitter Patter came to me and said, "Gotta potty!"

So, I did the sensible thing. We got really excited and ran to the potty, took her diaper off (it was dry) and let her try to use the potty. Instead, she sang the silly "potty" song that mommy made up for her.

Up to now, she has shown a lot of the physical signs of readiness (like waking up dry at nap time), but hasn't shown much in the way of cognitive signs (like being able to express that she needs to potty).

She was wrong this time, but this was our first "potty fire drill" this week.

The second happened yesterday, when I saw her stop running and start grunting.

I immediately realized what she was doing and tried to get her excited about going to the potty.

Seeing how excited I was, she also got really excited and ran after me when I ran to the bathroom.

I really just need to leave that bathroom set up for her to potty in. If it hadn't been for the need to put the potty seat on the potty, she'd have probably been able to use it instead of pooping in her diaper while standing in the bathroom.

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