Friday, April 10, 2015

{7 QT 5} - Convalescent Super Powers and a Baby Whisperer

I've been kind of sick since Easter. Traveling is not usually nice to my system, and we did a lot of it. Something like 14 hours of driving, total, and I while I got a lot of posts for November and December written on the long car ride, I came back sick.

Let me just say that I am so lucky that I had basically already written my post for yesterday as of like a week ago, because when I'm sick, my brain apparently undergoes some serious changes. No telling what weirdness I'd have come up with!

Since the weekend, I have been well entertained by children's television in a way that I usually am not. Plus, I have also been able to identify voice actors in a way that I usually cannot.

For example, I recognized these things before I checked their veracity on Wikipedia.
The voice actor that plays Little John in Disney's Robin Hood is the same guy as who plays O'Malley in The Aristocats, and Bellue in The Jungle Book.
The voice actor who plays Roquefort (the mouse neighbor) in The Aristocats also voiced Winnie the Pooh.

Of all the random superpowers to get when you're sick, right?

Daniel's stepfather's family does a fish fry on Good Friday every year, which we are in the habit of going to. I got some really wonderful pictures of Pitter Patter running around in the yard.

It made me question my notion about buying a really nice camera to take good pictures for this blog, and then...

...On Saturday, I got an opportunity to take pictures with our friend's REALLY nice camera.  He's got a pretty epic DSLR, and he let me test drive his back-up camera, a really nice point-and-shoot. After we talked about what I wanted to do with my camera, he really thought that was what I needed - and maybe a better flash that can point up instead of forward.

We took Pitter Patter out to a park, and took pictures of her with both cameras for about an hour, and in spite of having to keep her away from the birthday party's Easter Bunny, we got some really nice pictures.

I'll probably post some of the results when we get them - we didn't get a chance to offload before they had to head out, so he's going to crop them and send them to us later.

Last night was the first time we've fought the bedtime battle in a long while. I have a feeling this may be part of the transition from "nursing" to "not nursing".

After Pitter Patter was in bed, and I was helping her get comfortable (getting her animals, putting her blanky on her and rubbing her back a little - stuff I usually do), she asked to have her diaper changed. I checked it, and it felt like it might be a little humid.

Since we are trying to teach her what it feels like to "need"a diaper change, I decided to go ahead and change it and hold her for a few minutes. (You know, to encourage her to keep trying to recognize it - I thought she was close enough to reward.)

I took her back to the living room and rocked her, and then the time came to go back to bed.

As Daniel was putting her back down, she asked to have her diaper changed again. Looks like it was a forestalling tactic to begin with

She howled angrily for about 10 minutes before she settled down.

Anybody got any wisdom to make this smoother?

I've been trying to work through the picture library on my computer to rename all the pictures with the date and time they were taken, and label them with "important stuff."

It seems that I've waited entirely too long to start on this. There are, quite literally THOUSANDS of pictures that need to be cataloged. (I'd wager that the VAST majority are of Pitter-Patter.)

No time to start like the present, right?

There are a couple of bloggers who I have really started enjoying reading over the last few weeks.

Scott Eric Alt has a way with words that really provides a reality check. I have especially his articles about what he calls "Pope Francis Derangement Syndrome" (you know, the mass hysteria about him - this notion that he's going to suddenly try to change doctrine - which he can't do...) and this problem that the media seems to have of thinking that people of faith need to bow to the "Enlightenment of Modernity". He also has quite a way of absolutely eviscerating a piece of writing that purports itself to have an argument but actually doesn't. It's quite fun to read.

Rebecca Hamilton at Public Catholic has a lot of great insights about current politics - I have really appreciated her insightful comments about what's been going on in Indiana.  Go. Read. Enjoy.

We went to Houston to see my husband's cousin and his wife (and their 18-month-old, and brand-new-baby) over Easter.

Pitter Patter (who is 21 months old) evidently believes that she is a baby whisperer or something. She tried to talk to the baby in his own language. (After all, she's still pretty fluent in "baby." Hasn't been all that long since she was one.)

She got right down in his face, smiled congenially, and started yelling, "AAAAAAHHHH!!!"

The adults were all dying laughing until the baby started to fuss in reply. :-(

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