Friday, July 10, 2015

{7 QT 15} - Baby Updates

So... I lied about doing a post this week about the party. I just didn't manage it, but I'll try again next week. I wanted to do some pregnancy updates instead.

I'm currently... 11 ½ weeks. The baby is 2 inches long, which is about the size of a... kiwi, I think. Maybe a little smaller... like... um... a really big kumquat... or a small plum? or a scoop of ice cream, maybe? Or... Ooh! ooh! A LIME! (You know you have to give the size of the baby in terms of food, right? It's like... a rule.)

Anywho, my appointment last Friday went well. I'm pretty sure that my doctor is ready to start calling me "the question lady", because even though this is my third visit for my second pregnancy, I still walked in with 13 questions, between the pregnancy and the Hashimoto's.

Among those questions were such stunners as:
  • If I want to make an adorable DIY Hospital gown, what are the requirements? (There aren't any, but yes, I can do it if I want.)
  • The internet scared me. Please impress on me how uncommon umbilical cord knots are. (They're not terribly uncommon - she sees a couple a year in deliveries that go fine, but it is VERY uncommon for them to cause a problem.)
  • Can you recommend a vegan cheese that isn't revolting? (Nope, sorry. We don't eat cheese anymore.)

My doctor also cleared a particular eating plan for me during pregnancy, that's good for my Hashimoto's, but it's a "diet", and so I wanted her blessing on it before I started eating on it. She was mostly concerned about me getting all of my nutrients.

I read the whole book on the diet, and the author is a self-proclaimed nerd, so she put a lot of the science behind the diet into the book.

There was a part of me on Friday that was saying that it sounded legit, but there was another part that said it sounded too good to be true... and things that sound that way usually are.

I'm having some good results since Tuesday - I feel good, I'm eating a lot, and I've lost... a little over 2 pounds, so far. (The book swears up and down that this is all fat that I'm losing, but we shall see.)

I've actually been cheating by eating some things on the wrong days because I feel the need to make sure I'm eating something from all of the food groups every day.

I'm not sharing which diet this is. My situation is unique; my doctor's advice on this diet shouldn't be applied to your situation. ( case someone was thinking of asking.)

My doctor was unable to locate the heartbeat on the little hand-held Doppler thing (very common at this gestational age - happened with Pitter-Patter, too), so we had an ultrasound to confirm that everything is okay (it is).

The baby is cute. He/She's got a big round head, and two little arms, and two little legs, and a little umbilical cord, and a cute little heartbeat.

Unfortunately, I still don't have any good ultrasound images because my doctor doesn't usually mess with that particular ultrasound machine, and wasn't sure how to make it make prints.

One of the great things about the diet is it's been really encouraging me to drink my water - I've gotten a full three quarts for each of the last two days. (This is a huge accomplishment for me - I haven't drank that much in a very long time.) The trouble is that it still isn't quite as much as I really should be drinking, but it's definitely closer!!

I think I might have felt the baby move yesterday morning... maybe. It's still pretty early, so I tried not to get too excited, but they do say second-time mommies are able to identify it earlier.

And a weird fact about my pregnancy with Pitter Patter:

I. Loved. Sneezing.

No, really! It sounds stupid, but it's true.

Sneezing was awesome. It was one of only a very few things that could happen that pretty much guaranteed for a large portion of the pregnancy that I'd be able to feel her move.

Every time I sneezed she freaked out a little. (I mean, can you imagine hearing this huge, loud, unknown sound filling the whole world, and the whole universe jumping all of a sudden? I'd freak out, too!)

She calmed down quick, though. Mommy talked to her and told her it was all okay, but that that happened sometimes to people after they're ready to be outside in the big world.

Yep. She was cute before I even got to see her.

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