Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

It seems like every year, around November 28th, Pinterest fills me with big ideas for Christmas.

Obviously, this is not just Pinterest. I got in on Pinterest kind of late, but over the years, I have found myself wanting very much to make large impressive portions of my Christmas decorations. I want to trim the tree and the mantle with beautiful things that I have made with my own hands.

Somehow, all of these ideas are gradually abandoned as I realize exactly how short Advent is - usually right about... now.

Perhaps one of these years, I will learn my lesson: hand made Christmases rarely begin during Advent. In much the same way, we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of only working to trim our hearts for Christ’s return during times of concentrated preparation.

I think that the reason I seem to disappoint myself is because I set my expectations too high, and I’m often not willing to accept a lesser goal. For example,
  • I have a Bible reading calendar that I have not looked at, let alone kept up with, for a long time. I got a few days behind and gave up.
  • I realize I no longer have time to crochet and block forty snowflake ornaments, so I just conclude to use the ornaments we’ve used for the last five years.
 If I was willing to either set a lower goal - like only reading the new testament, or only making a few snowflake ornaments for our tree - I might not disappoint myself so easily.

It is important to allow ourselves to keep trying, even if it is no longer realistic to succeed in our original goal.
  • To allow that even though I won’t finish in a year, I keep reading scripture regularly. 
  • To allow that I still make a few snowflake ornaments, even if they won’t be the only thing on the tree. 
We must keep trying to live as faithful Christians, in spite of the sins in our past.

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