Monday, May 2, 2016

Time For a Change

Original image from Pixabay. Edited by Shannon Ball 2016.

I've been doing some soul searching, blogwise. Thinking, in detail, about how I intended this blog to be, when I started it two years ago.

I always, always, always intended for this blog to be "mostly" about being a Catholic woman, raising Catholic children, in an interfaith marriage... and in the two years that I've been writing it, I think I've done about three posts that are about that.

I wanted to write about marriage and child rearing. I wanted to write about the travesty of the divisions among Christians and about Ecumenism. And I simply haven't been doing it. I've been writing reflections on the second reading each Sunday - and I've really been enjoying doing it... but somewhere along the way, I lost focus on where I had hoped to be.

The vast, vast majority of the posts on this site are reflections on the Sunday readings, picking up from where our friend Wayne left off before he passed away in September 2014. And I always wanted to finish what he started, in my own small way.  I've learned a LOT about the Lectionary by writing these reading reflections, and I believe that I have more to learn. It's definitely worth doing. One day, I hope I will, but for now, the weekly deadline on an assigned topic is more than I can manage with my growing family.

So, I'm changing things up. I'm going to start posting about the things I wanted to post about all along, and I'm going to give myself the freedom to not post on a set schedule. I'm hoping to do some reading reflections - sometimes, when the readings get a good series going.  But really, I want to get back to my basics - back to my heart, and write there.

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